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Birmingham SEO Consultants For ecommerce

Want your eCommerce business to stand out on Google? Of course, yes! Who wouldn’t.

Did you know: 82% of Internet Users find what they’re looking for online through search engines.


If your website isn’t showing up on the first page of results, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of online traffic.

More search visibility means an increase in relevant search traffic and a boost in online sales.

Ready to take your sales to the next level but not sure where to start? 

We offer SEO consulting options to address your SEO challenges as well as offer SEO growth plans.

Why Would Your Business Need SEO Consulting?

If your business is facing any number of SEO challenges, an SEO consultation will help.

Below is a breakdown of some scenarios where a business will benefit from an SEO Consulting Service. We've helped clients navigate such situations.

Beginner SEO Consulting:

1. I know my business needs SEO, but I'm swamped with work and don't know where to start.

Through an SEO Consultation, we'll aim to understand your business and share clear action steps to help you start your SEO journey.

2. My business doesn't show up on Google Maps or for local searches.

We can help set up and optimise your Google Business Profile to improve local SEO visibility.

Intermediate SEO Consulting:

1. My website gets some traffic, but I'm not on the first page of Google results where it matters!

Prior to an SEO Consultation, we can review your site to uncover what's holding your rankings back and recommend actions to fix it.

2. My Google Search Console (GSC) is a mess. I have thousands of errors, but I don't understand how to fix them.

We can diagnose your GSC and provide SEO guidance on resolving any issues blocking your site's performance.

3. I've written tons of content, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything for my SEO rankings.

We can conduct a deep content audit to find gaps and suggest ways to boost content effectiveness.

Advanced SEO Consulting:

1. I'm moving domains – am I going to lose all my search rankings?

We can advise on how to protect your existing rankings and make the domain move as seamless as possible.

2. Switching website platforms is risky. I need to make sure my SEO doesn't tank in the process.

As Technical SEO Consultants, we can help you with start-to-finish migration support to safeguard your rankings. We have experience with WordPress, Shopify and Drupal platforms

3. I'm considering Rebranding my business and moving to a new domain. How do I switch domains without damaging my search visibility?

We can provide guidance on the pros/cons of a domain change, assess if it's strictly necessary and help you plan a smooth transition.

We've only highlighted a few use cases why your Business may require an external SEO Consultation.

If your website challenges fall outside this list, please don't worry. Our extensive experience allows us to tackle a wide range of SEO issues – please contact us for personalised SEO advice.


What Are Some Benefits Of Speaking To an SEO Consultant?

As a business owner or a Manager, whether you're new to SEO or have some prior experience, an SEO consultant can offer valuable support.

Regardless of where you are in your SEO journey, an SEO consultant can:

At What Stage Do Businesses Need SEO Consulting Services?

Businesses seek our SEO consulting services at various stages in their journey:

We offer Professional SEO Consulting Services to help you improve your site's ranking, visibility, and your Business's bottom line. Contact us today to learn more!

What Do Our SEO Consulting Services Include?

Typically, our SEO Consulting Calls are focused on solving whatever problem you're facing at the moment.

If you're interested in a second opinion on your overall SEO Strategy, we can review any prior work done, identify gaps, make recommendations, and answer questions.

You can book an SEO Consulting Meet with our Lead SEO Consultant, Medha Dixit.

In addition to SEO Consultations, we offer comprehensive SEO Audits, SEO Keyword Research, SEO Content Brief Outlines, and Monthly SEO Packages. Based on your unique needs, we're happy to chat and provide support.

Why Work With Digital Chakra For SEO Consulting?

We’re Birmingham, UK, based SEO Consultants, focused on providing small businesses with reliable, professional and timely SEO advice.

What sets us apart?  We’re a hard-working team,  have our clients’ best interests at heart, and are committed to providing an excellent service.


Here’s what differentiates us from the others.

100% SEO Satisfaction guarantee

Expert SEO Consultation

If the SEO Consultation does not live upto your expectation, we'll provide a full refund - no questions asked.

eCommerce SEO Specialists

ecommerce SEO Specialists

We have deep knowledge and expertise, having worked with a range of ecommerce clients.


Proactive & Clear Communication

As a small business ourself, we're quick and agile in our responses. We simplify the SEO technical jargon.

Pay As You Go SEO Consultation Icon

Pay As You Go SEO Consulting

Tap into expert SEO knowledge and skills based on your current business needs.

SEO Consulting FAQs

If You Need quick relief for your website’s SEO issues: Our Pay-As-You-Go SEO Consulting focuses on immediate problems, with solutions delivered in hours or days.


If You Want a comprehensive SEO plan to boost your online visibility: Our SEO Consulting Services include in-depth strategy and execution. You can start seeing micro improvements and traffic increases within 10 – 12 weeks.


Page 1 rankings and online sales conversions can take anywhere from 9-12 months (sometimes even more time), depending on your industry and goals.

Based on our experience, here are a few business types that can benefit from SEO:

  • Small businesses that don’t have the resources to hire a full-time SEO specialist
  • Companies looking to drive targeted traffic to their website and increase conversions
  • E-commerce businesses looking to optimise product pages and improve rankings for specific keywords
  • Local businesses that want to target customers in their area through local SEO strategies
  • Startups that want to establish a strong online presence from the beginning
  • Businesses that have experienced a decline in organic search traffic and need help recovering
  • Companies in highly competitive industries that need assistance in outranking their competitors in search results.

An SEO consultant is a digital marketing expert specialising in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). An experienced SEO Consultant possess the in-depth knowledge and tools to analyse your website, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to increase organic traffic and visibility.

The main role of an SEO consultant is to develop and deliver a successful SEO strategy, which includes keyword research, content SEO, technical SEO, off-page SEO and backlink profile analysis, SEO competitor analysis, and how to improve your site user experience and conversion rates.

For each client, we create a personalised strategy to achieve your specific SEO goals, like increased brand awareness, lead generation, or increasing sales.

There are several good reasons to hire an SEO consultant:

  • We have the knowledge and experience to navigate the ever-changing world of SEO search engine algorithms.
  • You can focus on running your business and let us handle the development of complex SEO strategies.
  • We develop and implement a customised strategy to improve your website’s ranking and organic traffic.
  • SEO is a strategic investment that can yield significant returns for your business over the long term.

Finding the right professional SEO consultant requires some initial planning. First, clearly define your SEO goals – are you aiming for increased brand awareness, lead generation, or increasing sales?

Once you know your objectives, research potential consultants with a proven track record and positive client reviews.

Schedule consultations with shortlisted candidates to ask in-depth questions about their approach to SEO and see if they align with your business objectives.


Read our guide about 13 key questions to ask before you hire an SEO consultant.

SEO is an ongoing process. While you may see initial results within a few months, achieving long-term success requires consistent effort.

The duration of your engagement depends on your goals, mutual-fit and business’s competitive landscape. Discuss ongoing SEO strategy with your chosen consultant to determine the best approach for your business.

Hiring someone Full-time for SEO is a great option. However, for smaller businesses with upto 50 employees, attracting the right talent may be a challenge.


You need to factor for the cost of hiring, training, managing and monitoring someone that you hire. There are also 3rd party SEO tool subscription considerations to be made.


On the other hand, working with a skilled SEO Consultant or an Agency like ours may be a much easier and quicker path to search engine rankings.