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Organic website traffic is critical for sales growth.

The only way you can get relevant organic traffic to your website is by getting ranked right at the top for your primary keywords.

Human-friendly and search intent-based site copy ensures your products get noticed in search results.

Compelling images and powerful product descriptions can convert even casual shoppers to your online store.

Your Site's >blog articles and FAQs offer quick solutions and demonstrate your subject-matter expertise.

Ecommerce SEO requires a mix of On Page SEO, a strong content strategy, conversion optimisation, and robust technical architecture.

All the above elements are completely under your control.

We specialise in creating highly successful organic search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns.

Our eCommerce SEO services are guaranteed to boost your online visibility and help you grow with Google.

What we bring to the table is experience, expertise and close attention to detail. Our SEO methodology has yielded outstanding SEO returns for clients.

ecommerce sEO Services we offer

Data-Centric | process driven | Monthly-Packages or One-Time | Rolling contract

SEO Audit Services in UK

SEO Audit & Strategy

Find out what's keeping your website from ranking well in Google.

SEO Monthly Package Services UK

Monthly SEO Package

Boost Rankings in Google Search and Google Maps with a focused SEO Strategy.

SEO Consultation Services UK

SEO Consultation

Get Guidance on SEO strategy, issues and ranking drops.

What Do Our Ecommerce SEO Services Include?

Our ecommerce SEO services May Be Split Into Three Broad Parts:

Some Of the Most Important Elements Of Our Monthly SEO Services are as outlined below:

1. ecommerce SEO One-Time Set Up

This includes an initial One-Time Setup to launch a successful SEO Campaign.

It includes an initial client-needs discussion, establishing business goals, a detailed SEO Site Audit, and creating an SEO strategy plan .

The goal of this first step is to understand your niche and how your site is performing in Search Engines. It aims to identify errors and site issues, using Google's native tools (Google Search Console and Google Analytics) as well as Paid Search Intelligence Tools.

We offer multiple eCommerce SEO Audit Packages , based on the size of your Site, your SEO Campaign requirements and your budget.

2. Keyword Research & Mapping

Keyword research is the first step when starting with your D2C ecommerce site's SEO Campaign. It helps find the top terms, phrases and queries that online shoppers are typing into the Google search bar.

In keyword mapping, you pair your target keywords to their specified category, sub-category or product pages. This process helps you to assign relevant keywords to the various pages on your website based on comprehensive keyword research.

Keyword research is also critical for content marketing and link building. Our SEO team keeps refining your business keywords list to correctly reflect your product offerings. We use industry-leading intelligence tools to speed up the keyword research process.

3. SEO Competitor Analysis

Competition in the ecommerce marketplace is razor sharp. But with targeted SEO, you can ensure shoppers find your store and not your competitors’ stores.

We analyse the SEO strategies that are paying rich dividends to your competitors. We then systematically integrate those very strategies into your website SEO to increase your return on investment.

In our competitor analysis, we focus on the following aspects:

  • Prime content analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Prime keywords analysis

4. Category & Product Page Optimisation

Search engines don’t favour thin category pages – i.e., pages that have few products. Hence, each time we create a new category page, we consider whether there are enough products to support this page.

As your product line expands, we evaluate your category pages periodically. We also ensure your category pages don’t rank for any unintentional terms or suffer from cannibalisation.

We also check if the product description on your category pages delivers value to shoppers. Sometimes, the description may be poorly written or stuffed with keywords. Either way, we help fix the issues straight away.

Further, we identify ways to improve a User's Experiene on your site's categoryand product pages from the perspective of Conversion Optimisation.

5. SEO Content Strategy

Content is an indispensable element of ecommerce SEO. Just consider the various advantages of quality website content. Content raises brand awareness, brings in visitors and increases sales. That’s not all.

Content is also an effective way to foster brand loyalty and keep your site on top of shoppers’ minds. All this emphasises one point: You need strong content to achieve every major marketing goal.

But you shouldn’t create content just for the sake of it. The reason is low-quality content is doomed for failure. You cannot expect thin content to deliver the level of brand awareness and customer engagement that valuable content can.

There's so much of low-value content on the Internet that Google has now started to ignore content that is merely created for search engines rather than Users.

Our well-planned content calendar will help you develop compelling, in-depth and valuable content. Your competitors’ best efforts will pale in comparison. We'll ensure that Your close-knit content library internally links in numerous ways so as to strengthen the overall Site's strength.

The added advantage of our content creation strategy is we nurture your website visitors through every step of the sales funnel. This highly refined process will enable you to keep shoppers engaged for years after their first purchase.

6. Site Architecture Optimisation

Site architecture optimisation means improving your website’s navigation, specifically the category and product pages.

The structure of your website is like a farm’s irrigation system. You can think of your pages as the plants and water as the link juice. The maximum quantity of water flows to the highest-yielding plants. Likewise, the maximum link juice goes to your main category and product pages.

The optimisation goal is to make your site architecture simple and accessible for users as well as the Google Search Engine Algorithms. We work with you to refine your navigation in a way that any page on your online store can be reached within three-four clicks.

7. SEO Image Optimisation

Visual elements influence the way online shoppers search for products. That’s why image optimisation can be a game-changer.

You can virtually double your conversion rate by optimising all the images in your store. In other words, you can increase your revenue two-fold by paying more attention to the product images displayed in your online store.

Image search optimisation is a decisive factor because images play a key role in a shopper’s buying decision. One of the most underutilised ways to drive higher traffic to your online store is to optimise all your product images for Google Image Search.

8. SEO Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation is a fine science. This detailed process demands a lot of work.

Even when the number of website visitors remains the same, a slight improvement in conversions can deliver higher income. Another advantage is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) gets you the hard data about the visitors to your store.

You can analyse this data and make better business decisions. For example, you can modify the various design elements on your store for better performance and higher profitability.

Ranking high on SERPs is pointless if your conversion rate is abysmally low. If your site ranks hh enough to attract relevant traffic but has low conversions, need of the hour maybe to increase conversions rather than generate more sales.


What is our ecommerce seo implementation process?

For All Our Ecommerce SEO Services, we follow a Robust, 4 STEP Process that breaks down, streamlines and covers every aspect of building and executing on a powerful SEO strategy.


We’re confident that our Strategy that will help fuel your Business’s long-term growth and influence in the search engine results and consequently among it’s target audience.

ecommerce SEO Monthly Packages

Basic SEO Package

Monthly SEO Package For Businesses
On a Small Budget
  • One-time SEO Campaign Set Up
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Technical SEO Optimisation
  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Site Audits & Fixes (Every 2 weeks)
  • 1 Blog Content Brief & Review
  • Monthly Reporting & Review

Essential SEO Package

Monthly SEO Package For Businesses
Looking To Grow
  • One-time SEO Campaign Set Up
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Technical SEO Optimisation
  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Site Audits & Fixes (Every Week)
  • 2 Blog Content Briefs & Review
  • Monthly Reporting & Review
  • User Experience Review & Optimisation
  • Onsite SEO Implementation

Advanced SEO Package

Monthly SEO Package For Businesses
Looking To Stand Out
  • One-time SEO Campaign Set Up
  • Detailed Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimisation
  • Technical SEO Optimisation
  • Off-Page SEO Optimisation
  • Site Audits & Fixes (Every Week)
  • 4 Blog Content Brief & Reviews
  • Monthly Reporting & Review
  • User Experience Review & Optimisation
  • Onsite SEO Implementation
  • Advanced SEO Optimisation

One-Time Ecommerce SEO Services We Offer

We offer a range of professional eCommerce SEO services that may be short one time projects.

Amazon SEO Service

Keyword Research & Product Listing Optimisation for Amazon Online

Keyword Research Service

Keyword Research For Your Entire Site, Segmented By Categories

SEO Content Brief Service

Well-researched SEO Article Briefs For Your Writers

How Do We Work with Your Business?

We like to work with clients by embedding ourselves well into their business, getting to know their teams and processes, and collaborating via online technology solutions as well as periodic face-to-face meetings.

We’re based in Birmingham, UK, but we serve Ecommerce clients anywhere in UK  through the efficient use of technology and streamlined processes. 

We use intent-focused, data-centric approaches for all Ecommerce SEO Projects and use the best in-market tools such as SEMRush, Sistrix, and Ahrefs.

What Are Our SEO Service Timelines?

The Image below illustrates work timelines for our eCommerce SEO Services. Depending on the size of your Online eCommerce Store, agreed deliverables, and other external factors outside of our control, some of the tasks may take more/less time than our estimations.

SEO Strategy Roadmap Timelines

Frequently Asked SEO (Search-Engine-optimisation) questions

A Web Search Engine is a software system that uses something commonly referred to as spiders/crawlers/internet bots (basically computer programs) to collect, store, analyze and return results, when a user asks a query. This vast collection of information is termed as the Search Engine’s “Search Index”.


For all of the collected information, Search Engines use complex algorithms, which are a set of rules, to rank the results for any search queries.


Now, the Search Engines certainly don’t want people to find out the exact rules that govern their results, as that may promote unethical practices. However, they do offer helpful guidelines to assist websites in ranking their results better.


The information seen in Search Engines can be a mix of website pages, images, videos, articles, shopping results, directories, documents, reviews and more.


Please note that Search Engines can only rank what is part of their “Search Index”. So, if a Website has not been indexed by a Search Engine, it will fail to show up in any Search Results.

Every time you search for a word, phrase or a question, there may be thousands or sometimes millions of pages with helpful information. How the Search Engine ( Google/Bing/Yandex) decides which results to show, starts long before you even type in your query.


Every Search Engine organises and catalogues information about web pages in its “Search Index”. A Search Index is like a Massive Digital Library, with Information about Billions of Pages.


When you type in a Search term, the Search Engine’s software searches it’s entire Search Index, to find pages that match your query, and returns the most relevant page results. The relevance of pages is decided based on nearly 200 different ranking factors.


So, in a fraction of a second, Google or any other search engine is able to sort through millions or billions of pages, and provide you with relevant results. Isn’t that Awesome!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your website’s ranking, and therefore visibility, whenever a customer is searching for a service or product that you offer, in a Search Engine’s unpaid or organic search results.

SEO involves making changes to the design, content and link-structure of your website to demonstrate to the Search Engines that your site is relevant, authoritative and trustworthy. This boosts the likelihood that the Search Engine will choose to rank you above others for the relevant search results.

We live in a Digital-First World, and your Brand’s first opportunity to make a good first impression is happening in the digital sphere. So, if your website can’t be found through a simple Google search, the modern customer probably doesn’t know that you exist. With billions of digital searches being done every month, Search-Engines such as Google & Bing present the single biggest opportunity of new website visitors for your Business.

In every industry, companies with a higher degree of Digital Marketing maturity are growing faster and more profitably. There are virtually no markets in 2020 where you can manage to operate with substantial inefficiencies, relative to your peers, and still expect to remain competitive. 

More website visitors is a great first step in strenghtening  your online Sales funnel. 

As long as you deliver an impactful website experience, more website visitors will translate into more people buying your products, finding out about your services, reading about the cause you support, signing up for your latest report, or accomplishing whatever other purpose you have built your site for.

Today’s consumer is hyper-connected and has various ways of finding your Business online. However, 84% of Searches begin with a Search Engine (Google, Bing and a few others). 



As a result, all Online as well as Offline Businesses, in every industry, can and should leverage SEO as part of their Digital Marketing Strategy. This includes Online Retail & Ecommerce Stores in just about any industry including Fashion, Home Goods, Consumer Durables, Electronics, IT, Beauty, Health Supplements to name a few, Professional Services Businesses such as financial services, lawyers, accountants, Medical Practitioners, Non-Profit organisations/ Charities, as well as all other large and small enterprises 



SEO is a chance for your Business to appear in the organic, free search results of Google and other Search Engines. As a New Business, you may need to review other lead generation strategies such as PPC till your SEO efforts kick-off and bear fruit. SEO is a long term strategy and can have massive impact on your revenue/ bottom-line.

We offer two-pricing options for clients.


Monthly-Retainer Package:

We charge a monthly Retainer Fee based on the number of hours of required SEO work on your website. This fee is calculated based on the size of your website, and projected staff hours per task, to implement the overall SEO strategy. With every new client, there’s usually a chunk of time (about a week), set aside for discovery. 


We have to take this necessary time to get to know your brand & your competitive environment, before we can do thorough SEO work, and that adds time to the project. If the charges are hourly, the initial research can really bump up the overall cost. A monthly retainer allows you to save time & money, and enables us to be more thorough in our work, without being unduly time-pressured.

The Monthly retainer allows us to partner with our clients more effectively, focus on continuous maintenance and growth, and build long-term, trusting relationships.



We understand that an hourly package can be attractive for certain Businesses with a limited budget, or very specific short-term requirements. With this package, we agree on a certain number of hours per week with the  Client. We do advise the clients to have a realistic outlook and expectations, and to not expect more amount of work done in a shorter period of time.

We guarantee rigorous planning, a robust implementation of Ecommerce SEO Best practices, and continuous data-centric decision-making. All of these are guaranteed to put your website in a strong position, and yield powerful results and growth for your Business.


Though we’ve ranked ecommerce clients in very competitive niches, for high volume keywords, we DO NOT guarantee Top SEO Page results on Google, Bing or any other Search Engine. That’s because Search Engines operate through complicated algorithms and use roughly 200 or more ranking factors, which are incredibly difficult to hack.


Anyone who claims to have the ability to rank you at Position 1 for all your chosen keywords is not taking an ethical approach to their SEO. Please proceed with discretion with any company making such claims.

SEO is an on-going process. Based on your industry niche, as well as some low-hanging SEO tasks identified and optimised by an SEO Specialist, you may start seeing some quick wins as early as within a few days or the first month.


However, based on data from multiple sources and in our own experience working with clients, noticeable SEO improvements in highly competitive niches can take anywhere between 3 – 6 months/ 90-180 days.


Considering all factors such as industry competitiveness, keyword popularity, backlinks, other trust-signals, and compliance with Google’s guidelines, at the end of this period, your website should start ranking on the first page of Google for some, if not all of your targeted keywords.

Each of the Ecommerce SEO services listed on our site have been created keeping in mind specific Business requirements. What’s listed in the package is what we’re committed to delivering. Of course, we’re here to assist and clarify any concerns and complement our services, whenever needed. 

We have a very streamlined and robust process which includes a strategy deep-dive, roadmap and execution for each package. We complement this approach with timely communication and regular monthly check-ins with our clients.

For Content-related packages, though we’ll craft a Content Strategy with topics, keywords, article-structure & so on, we will NOT write the content for you. If you have a writer, we’re happy to work directly with them. If not, we can arrange for content-development through our writing partners, to whom you will then directly pay the fees. 

We will manage everything from start to finish for you. We acknowledge that we don’t have writing specialists in every industry niche, so this arrangement works quite well, ensuring high content quality and efficiency. Our clients usually find this a great way to accomplish their content-writing goals that are at par with their expectations.

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