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Helping Retail eCommerce Businesses attract relevant traffic, sales & revenue through SEO

Our Story

In 2020, Medha Dixit established Digital Chakra. As an experienced SEO Strategist, she has helped businesses attract relevant traffic, and millions in online revenue.

While working with reputed "award-winning" SEO agencies, Medha identified a notable deficiency in client servicing.

Clients at these agencies often received below-average service and mediocre SEO results. This was due to inefficient task management, lack of initiative from staff members, and slow communication.

Recognizing this significant gap, Medha set out to address this market need. She decided to leverage her expertise in SEO and a commitment to operational excellence, to address this problem.

This initiative led to the inception of Digital Chakra.

Her goal was to set up a premium SEO service, streamlined with robust processes, clear communication, and focused on driving real results rather than vanity metrics.

Why the name Digital Chakra?

"Digital" has the power to transform any Business with unprecedented speed and scale, tapping into the ever-growing online opportunities.

"Chakra" is an energy centre in the human body, represented by a spinning wheel. In the business context, Chakras are analogous to different 'Marketing Levers' that can help your business move forward.

Our mission

We have a simple mission – To offer an exceptional SEO service to small but ambitious ecommerce businesses. A service that amplifies your presence in Search Engines, multiplies your revenue, and comes at a fair price point.

What Helps Us Deliver Superior Value For Clients?

We're ecommerce sEO experts

As an B2C e-commerce Business Owner, do you identify with any/all of the below?

After implementing 50+ small business SEO campaigns, growing traffic and generating sales for clients, we consider ourselves small business ecommerce SEO experts. 

Standing out among competitors in organic search is a tall order and requires a robust SEO strategy. We can help grow your ecommerce brand online using our tried and tested SEO framework. 

How Do We Work With ecommerce SEO Clients?

We work in close proximity with Ecommerce Businesses – getting a clear understanding of every Client’s Industry, Competitive Landscape and Business Goals.

Based on findings, we Strategise, Implement, Monitor and Iterate on a proven SEO Framework.

This approach allows us to serve our clients’ interests best and achieve exceptional results, over time.

We believe that one of the hallmarks of Success in Business is a clear, focused approach to problem-solving.


The way we over-deliver on client goals is through the use of Robust Business Processes and Frameworks, refined and perfected over time.


This ensures that we deliver a quality service every time while tailoring it to the needs of every eCommerce client.

our team

We are a team of focused, disciplined and detail-oriented marketing specialists.


With 60+ years of collective in-house experience and industry knowledge, we’re committed to helping you get the best value for your investment.

We’re a Professional  Ecommerce SEO Marketing Company, laser-focused on providing superior value to clients. Being honest and transparent is as important to us as being treated respectfully and compensated fairly for our hard work and efforts.

If you’re looking for a long-term strategic SEO Services Partner that can drive results for your eCommerce Store, do get in touch.


Our Company Core Values

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