15 Point Free SEO Audit Report by Digital Chakra

What is a 15-Point Free SEO audit Report?

Our Free 15-Point website SEO Audit Report is a simple diagnostic assessment of your website's health. As a Business Owner, you may not have the skills or the time to identify obvious SEO issues/gaps on your site.

Our Free SEO Analysis Report works through a checklist of some of the easiest wins where we see Business sites stumble.

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Is the Free SEO audit report automated ? How Will It Help Me?

Our 15-Point SEO Analysis Report is not automated. The Audit is conducted by a member of our team. They will review your site against 15 identified parameters. This will be followed by a 15-minute consultation call to help you understand the Audit report.

There are several automated SEO Audits available in the market. These usually give you a data dump of generic elements missing from your site. They're an equally feasible option if that's what you're looking for. Here's a great automated SEO Audit we recommend.

The 15-Point SEO Audit that we offer is a great starting point for your Business if:

  1. You're just starting out with SEO, and are not sure about your Site's health

  2. You're not technically minded and would benfit from expert guidance

  3. You're struggling to find a reliable SEO Company or Service and would like a tester before considering us

How Much Time Does It Take For You To Deliver The Free SEO Audit?

It takes us between 2-3 Business days to get back to you with your FREE SEO Audit Report. A member of our team will be in touch, once your analysis is ready.

Please remember to provide us with your correct email and phone number to ensure you get a timely audit report.

Why Do You Need My Phone Number?

We receive a mix of genuine and spam SEO Audit requests.

Asking for a phone number is a way to ensure we're dealing with an authentic request and our staff's time is used towards helping a Business in need. Please know that we will never spam you or share your data with third parties.

What Pages On My Site Will You Assess As Part Of the Free SEO Audit?

We will mainly review your Site's Home Page for On-Page SEO Factors, and your overall Site for Technical SEO and Off Page SEO Factors.

What Happens After I Submit A Free SEO Audit Request?

The Below Infographic shows the process after you submit an SEO Audit request via the Form above:

Image showing 15-Point Free SEO Audit Process Flow

Can You Fix The Gaps Found in the SEO Audit Report?

Yes, we can implement suggested SEO changes on your site for a small fee.

If you're interested in having the issues resolved in the quickest amount of time, please let us know during the 15-minute review call and we'd be happy to help.

I'm Interested in a comprehensive SEO Audit Service. Do You Offer One?

Yes, we offer Detailed SEO Audit Service Packages that you may want to review. Depending on the size of your Site and your unique Business needs, please feel free to choose an appropriate Audit package.

If you have questions, please fill out our Paid SEO Audit Interest Form , and a member of our team will be in touch.