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We offer Honest and Transparent SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation) to help your eCommerce Business Get To the First Page of Google. If your Site gets sufficient traffic but the traffic doesn’t convert, you many need to consider Conversion Rate Optimisation. We can help you with that.


We work in close proximity with Ecommerce Businesses – getting a clear understanding of every Client’s Industry, Competitive Landscape and Business Goals. Based on findings, we DESIGN, IMPLEMENT, MONITOR and INTERATE on a proven SEO Framework. This approach allows us to serve our clients’ interests best and achieve exceptional results, over time.

We believe that one of the hallmarks of Success in Business is a clear, focused approach to problem-solving. The way we over-deliver on client goals is through the use of Robust Business Processes and Frameworks, refined and perfected over time. This ensures that we deliver a quality service every time while tailoring it to the needs of every eCommerce client.

Our winning formula for clients is usually a mix of all three services namely SEO – to help improve search visibility, CRO – to ensure that site visitors perform desired actions and Marketing Analytics – measuring & analysing data for intlligent decision-making. 


Each tactic has an important role to play in your customer’s online journey, your understanding of that journey, and any course-correction required based on insights gleaned.

We have the passion and determination to help you succeed. Are you ready navigate the seas of eCommerce SEO with Us?


what's in a name?

Names are a significant part of our lives. The “Power Of Names” Ties in With the “Power Of Words” On The Human Race.

Our name derives from the combination of an important modern Business Approach: DIGITAL, and an ancient energy-flow concept: CHAKRA.


In 2021, the word DIGITAL is Omni Present. The use of digital marketing to promote any Business isn’t simply an option, it’s a PRIORITY.  “Digital” has the power to transform any Business with unprecedented speed and scale, quanity results, and tap into boundless opportunities.

To tap into the full potential of Digital Marketing Technology Solutions, Businesses should act with clarity and decisiveness, choosing and implementing tactics that give them the highest return on investment (ROI).


Chakras are divine centres of Energy in the Human Body, represented with the symbol of a spinning wheel.


When awakened through the right spiritual practices, these energy centres energise and transform living systems by making them stable and secure.


In the business context, Chakra is analogous to the success, stability and growth a Business can achieve through the right implementation of different “Business Chakras” or Marketing Levers. In our case, this translates into the correct use and application of Digital Marketing Solutions.

Our mission

To Help Ecommerce Businesses Drive Sustained Business Performance & Revenue Growth Through Digital Marketing Technology Solutions

We approach each new Business problem with a fresh perspective, getting to know the Ecommerce Client’s Business, Industry and Competitors, before developing an SEO Marketing strategy that’ll move the needle for them. We follow a rigorous, process-oriented approach every step of the way and are passionately committed to our clients’ success. 

We aim to strictly adhere to our core IMPACT values (Initiative, Moral Code, Personalisation, Adaptability, Client-Centricity, and Tenacity), for the betterment of our clients results and growth, and for our own long-term success.

our team

We are a team of focused, data-driven marketing specialists with extensive industry knowledge and experience. We’re committed to making sure that our client partners get the best value for their investment.


One big key to our success is being process-driven, goal-oriented, and honest with our clients, when assessing and communicating with them about SEO, CRO and Analytics.

We’re a Professional and Trusted Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency with impactful results to show. Integrity and a Moral Code of Ethics are as important to us as is being treated respectfully and compensated fairly for our hard-work and efforts.

As an organization, we stringently accept and stick to our organization IMPACT values in settling all customer related issues.

Company Core Values Digital Chakra

Company Core Values

Our core IMPACT Company Values align with the BUSINESS IMPACT we strive to create for all our client partners.


Taking a proactive approach in pursuit of client goals.

Moral code

Honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our clients.


We recognise that every eCommerce client and their industry are unique & so we tailor services to fit their needs.


Keeping up with Clients changing needs and expectations 

Client centricity

Customers are at the front and center of all our decisions, and we care about delivering value to them at all times


It takes persistence and determined effort to achieve growth for clients. We’re steadfast in our efforts, and can phase all challenges. 

Are You An Ecommerce Business Looking To Grow Your Online Presence Through SEO & CRO?